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Wiseguy Pizza

710 12th Street South
Unit 105
Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 334-9885





We take this pizza-making thing seriously.

So seriously, in fact, we traveled the world studying the best of the best and developed our own technique. While visiting pizzerias in Italy, local slice joints in all 5 boroughs, and even your grandma for her special recipe (tell her we say hi!), our only pizza task master was quality. After all our efforts we’re giddy to bring that quality to you.

So, whether it’s our imported ingredients from Italy, our homemade meatballs and sauces, our special water filtration system, or the fact that the pizza is baked in an old-school, stone deck oven, know that when you eat a slice, it doesn’t taste like that on accident. Good pizza is important to us and you'll be able to tell.