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CC2DCA: Crystal City to DCA

The Crystal City to National Airport Intermodal Connector (CC2DCA) is a critical piece of the multi-billion-dollar infrastructure investments outlined in the BID’s Mobility Next report. Offering a 1200-foot connection from National Landing’s vibrant downtown to Washington National Airport, MetroRail, commuter rail, and the regional bicycle transportation network, CC2DCA will be the first intermodal hub of its kind. Building off of the BID's 2018 CC2DCA Feasibility Study, this important connection must be economically viable, iconic in design, and connect seamlessly into the existing transportation network.

What's Next

Initially conceived through the BID’s 2018 CC2DCA Feasibility Study, the project is moving towards implementation with approximately $38 million in federal, state, and regional transportation funding.

In the Summer of 2021, Arlington County launched the federally-mandated preliminary National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) engagement, in which the public can learn more about the process and help to craft the language around the project’s official “Purpose and Need” statement. This statement is a key first step in the NEPA process and the official metric against which all proposed alternatives will be measured.

For more information about the project and the NEPA process visit the County's CC2DCA page.