CC2DCA: Crystal City to DCA

The CC2DCA Intermodal Connector will create a short pedestrian walk between National Landing and National Airport, stitching together disconnected transportation infrastructure to better serve existing development as well as planned growth. In 2017, the Crystal City BID (now known as the National Landing BID) initiated the CC2DCA Feasibility Study to help realize the area's desires for enhanced airport connectivity and sustainability, which were established in Arlington County’s 2010 Crystal City Sector Plan. 


Through a context-sensitive and dynamic pedestrian connection, the CC2DCA Intermodal Connector will seamlessly link the multitude of transportation assets in the heart of Crystal City into a vibrant, multimodal hub, positioning the district to attract expanded VRE operation, MARC, and Amtrak service. The Connector is envisioned as the centerpiece for sustainable, next-generation transportation connectivity in a growing urban center.

What's Next

Federal and local government agencies are currently engaging the public, securing funding, and moving into project planning, documentation, and engineering. 

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