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The National Landing Business Improvement District (BID), in partnership with local stakeholders, launched the “People Before Cars” Coalition to unite area organizations around shared priorities to create a safer and more accessible transportation network in National Landing.

The Coalition seeks to address community concerns around safety by championing the implementation of best practices in people-centric urban design and planning. The group is working with he Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Arlington County to realize this vision through enhancements across various modes of mass transit, as well as street level upgrades for pedestrians and cyclists.

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About the People Before Cars Coalition

The Coalition comes at a critical time. As described in the BID’s Mobility Next report, eight major transportation projects with a combined estimated cost of $4 billion, including VDOT’s Route 1 Multimodal Improvements Study, are currently in the pipeline and expected to deliver in phases over the next decade. Combined with the myriad private development projects that are helping to reshape the neighborhood streetscape, National Landing has an incredible opportunity to enhance walkability and deliver human-scaled mobility.

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The Coalition Aims at Creating Greater Transit Accessibility that Emphasizes Safety

Expanding and enhancing mass transit also serves as an essential component of the Coalition’s ideal for greater accessibility. The pledge outlines rail and road improvements including Amtrak service in Crystal City and through-running MARC trains, as well as increased frequency on Metroway, Transitway and bus lines. In addition, the Coalition calls for various forward-looking studies to determine long-term solutions to transit, traffic and motor vehicle flow within National Landing. The four major transit focuses for the coalition include: CC2DCAReimagining Route 1Expanding Regional Rail Access, and Prioritizing Human Scaled Mobility

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