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Be in the Know About Ongoing Construction and Traffic Alerts for National Landing

Construction is ongoing throughout National Landing. Please contact to share pertinent information with the community or ask questions about particular projects.


May 17 Update: The westbound lane of 12th Street S has been re-opened for vehicle traffic in a new temporary traffic pattern, routed around the construction fence which now extends to the location of the former islands. The sidewalk on the north side of 12th Street S will remain closed. The crosswalks at the northeast corner of S. Fern and 12th Streets will be closed until permanent concrete replacement is completed. The eastern sidewalk of S. Fern Street is closed for several weeks.

Utility work continues along S. Fern and S. Eads Streets and has begun on 12th Street S. Construction activity is underway inside the fence on 12th Street S.

In the next two weeks, construction activities will be taking place in the following locations in the public right-of-way:

  • S. Eads between 13th Street S and Army Navy Drive, in the center of the roadway. This will involve creating a shared bike & vehicle lane on the northbound side of Eads, as well as parking closures north of 12th Street S.
  • S. Eads intersections, which will involve police presence to ensure public safety.
  • S. Fern at the crosswalk of 12th Street S which will be closed to pedestrian traffic.
  • 12th Street S crosswalk area at the intersection with S. Fern.
  • S. Fern sidewalk on the east side of the street which is closed to pedestrian traffic.
  • S. Elm Street at 12th Street S.

If you have questions or concerns about ongoing or upcoming construction activities at this location, contact Clark Construction's project team at

Crystal City East Entrance

June 6 Update: Crews are preparing the work site for construction of the new east entrance of the Crystal City Metro, which will be located on the northwest corner of Crystal Drive and 18th Street South. Construction is expected to last for about three years, and is expected to be completed in late 2027.

Travel Impacts Right Now
Now through mid-June 2024, the sidewalk and travel lanes closest to the project site are closed around the clock. 

  • S. Fern sidewalk on the east side of the street which is closed to pedestrian traffic.
  • Two northbound lanes are open on Crystal Drive and one southbound lane is shared between vehicle and bike traffic
  • The northbound bike lane is not impacted
  • No right turns from southbound Crystal Drive onto 18th St. S.
  • On 18th St. S. bike and vehicle traffic will share one lane in each direction
  • Pedestrian access is available across the street from the project site
  • Lane closures and pedestrian detours are marked with signs
  • Proceed with caution and follow all signage

What to Expect During Construction
Traffic patterns will change in similar ways throughout the duration of construction. As the project continues, and construction progresses to the interior of the Metro station, future impacts will include Metrorail closures at Crystal City Metro for variable durations. This is to keep passengers and crews safe while they excavate and build the mezzanine and escalators from the east entrance on the street down to the platforms below ground.

Follow along with project updates on the project page here