Rest & Restore


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  • Saturday, Dec 10, 2022  6:00pm-8:00pm


1750 Crystal Dr
1750 Crystal Dr


Rest and Restore is a two hour monthly workshop that is meant to restore the body, tune into the healing capacity of the nervous system, slow down the mental activity of the brain, and bring ease to the breath. Which in turn helps the body rest, heal, allow tension to melt away and restore balance. Paired with aromatherapy to promote overall well being.
Participants will engage in a soothing Pranayama (breathing technique) free style Journal reflections, followed by a restorative yoga sequence that allows students space to for just being rather than doing, they’ll explore what comes up in their bodies and just feel without attachment to emotions. Class will end with a sensory sound bath experience during an extended Svasana.

All restorative poses are done seated or lying down and with the support of props. Great for all levels especially those looking for nourishment and self-care.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring a journal, and we will do the rest...

RSVP: $45.