Turn Up the Love: Eternal Sundown

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Date and Time

  • Mon, Mar 22, 2021 - Tue, Apr 20, 2021  


The Esplanade at Long Bridge Park


Head to the Esplanade at Long Bridge Park to see our latest installation in the Turn Up the Love series: Eternal Sundown. This installation looks like a setting sun over a city through 140 fluorescent lights in powerful colors. The Copenhagen-based artist, Mads Vegas, deliberately used materials that give the work a post- apocalyptic feel as a commentary on pollution and air quality in cities.

Eternal Sundown is made from approximately 140 reused fluorescent tubes that were originally a part of a pavilion build for the COP15 climate summit in Copenhagen 2009.

About the Artist:
Mads Vegas has been working professionally with light the last 20 years. His work mainly consist of lighting designs for theater, but he also made many designs for concerts, festivals, arts and social events, as well as light installations in public space. As a light artist, Mads Vegas has made large light installations in, among others, Ørstad Nord, Copenhagen and the Renzo Pianos Auditorium concert hall in Rome. Learn more at madsvegas.dk.
About the Light Art Collective:
Light Art Collection Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Amsterdam Light Festival Foundation, a foundation that develops light festivals since 2012. Over the years, we have built the largest light art collection in the world by asking artists to create works for our festival. Learn more at lightart-collection.com.