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Yoga Training & 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training
Do you want to become a yoga teacher? Would you like to immerse yourself in practice where you can fine tune your asanas but also dive deeper into the teachings of Yoga? Would you like to build a solid foundation in vinyasa asana, meditation, breathing technique, devotion, restorative yoga, diet and nutrition? Mind Your Body Oasis' (MYBO) Yoga Teacher Training is the next chapter in your life!
MYBO strongly believes that the practices of yoga, self care regimens, and a solid foundation of nutrition and diet that works for your individual make up provide a platform and a tool to achieve and believe in yourself and your dreams. This training will be as unique and special as it will be practical. You will learn how you can apply all that you learn directly to becoming a yoga teacher (if that is what you desire) or how to live the healthy life of a yogi or yogini more fully in your existence. Everyone involved at MYBO is focused on you, your growth, your knowledge and building a community that can be your Oasis...your home.
You are required to have practice 5 times a week for the time you are actively enrolled. You must attend 3 Oasis Flow/Hot Oasis Flow classes, 1 Gentle/Restorative class and the 5th class can be of your choosing (at MYBO or another studio).

Our YTT is a training with a wholistic approach to teaching yoga and living optimally in good health. You'll experience and learn:

Vinyasa (beginner and intermediate instruction)
Restorative and Yin
Trauma Informed Gentle Yoga
Meditation Facilitation and personal practice
Nutrition & Health Education (Ayurveda, lifestyle rituals and regimens, diet theories, gut health, detox, hydration, sleep)
Yoga History & Philosophy
Hands on assists with students
If you have any questions or for payment methods inquires please contact the program leader.

Amanda Shipe