Anne Marchand - Prism

18th St Underpass
Arlington, VA 22202



Designed to complement a mosaic work across the street, Prism takes on the quantum physics conversation of light as particle and ray. Interpreted as 35 colorful pieces of similar size and scope, Prism demonstrates the effect and impact of white light when passing through an actual "prism." From monotone, comes vibrance - from concrete to color. The resultant facets of color add sparkle and interest to the pedestrian walkway and street at this key gateway to Crystal City. Located at 18th Street South and the Crystal City Metro.

The artist worked with the Crystal City BID to design a 35 panel painting for a mural as a gateway art wall to the metro station. The artist worked with a team of two muralists and three artists to paint the mural during the months of September and October 2008. Staff at the Sheraton Hotel adjacent to the site, worked with the artist team to provide staging area for the work.