Release Date: Apr 25, 2020

Crystal City BID Name Change Approved By County Board

On Saturday, April 25, the Arlington County Board approved the petition of the Crystal City Business Improvement District to change its organizational name. Tracy Sayegh Gabriel, President and Executive Director of the BID, issued the following statement:

We are grateful to the Arlington County Board for its ongoing support of our efforts to expand the BID’s reach and foster a more cohesive identity for the interconnected portions of Crystal City, Pentagon City and Potomac Yard.  The Board’s decision to approve our name change is the culmination of a robust community engagement process in which we sought and received positive feedback from residents, civic associations and other stakeholders.

Following the anticipated ratification of our new name by our full membership during our annual meeting in June, we will officially become the National Landing BID.  We look forward to introducing our core set of services, programming, events and placemaking to all of National Landing, while continuing to celebrate Crystal City, Pentagon City and Potomac Yard as unique and distinctive communities.