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Paint the Town with Your Fellow Creators and Changemakers

While National Landing's well-known companies are often in the spotlight, the community loves to show off its creative side too. National Landing is home to renowned cultural institutions and hundreds of community-building events each year. Activated public spaces and lively public art add to the overall experience. Residents and visitors of National Landing enjoy making, transforming, experiencing, and expressing life in unique and inspired ways.

Entertainment Venues

National Landing BID Launches Competition to Design and Implement New Mural at Crystal City Metro Plaza

The BID launched a call for interested visual artists or teams of artists to submit their relevant experience and project portfolios for consideration by June 1. After interviewing top applicants, we have established a short list of qualified artists:

  • Bryan Conner, Andrew Funk, Hiro Hubbard
  • Scott Liam Walker
  • Cecilia Lueza
  • Cory Bernat
  • KaliQ Crosby
  • Lisa Marie Thalhammer

These finalists have been invited to submit a proposed concept for the mural and a winner will be selected in September. The mural will be completed by Fall 2021.

Sponsored by the BID, the expansive mural will be created on the Metro plaza’s west wall that measures approximately 115 feet in length and 20 feet in height. When designing concepts, the BID encourages artists to stretch the limits of their creativity to produce a work of art that delivers iconic imagery with an engaging and memorable aesthetic. Proposed designs should also embrace the location at the transit station entrance and serve as a connection point for the community. 

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Fun Events Year-Round

The welcoming, cultural community of National Landing hosts an abundance of independent shops, cafés, restaurants and entertainment options such as Alamo Drafthouse and Bowlero, both opening in 2020. The award-winning Synetic Theater sets the stage for dynamic performances and workshops, and you’ll find plenty of fun events and outdoor concerts year round.

The National Landing BID manages more than 300 events each year, from fitness classes to festivals and virtual programming. Our events calendar also lists events organized by community groups, civic associations, and more. Visit our events page to learn more.

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