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National Landing Strategic Plan

In 2018, the Crystal City BID initiated a collaborative strategic planning process to explore the future of the downtown as a cohesive whole, including Crystal City, Pentagon City, and Potomac Yard–Arlington. The effort set out to determine strategic objectives for the BID as an organization and a new collective vision for the area as a cohesive and reinvigorated downtown community. The Strategic Plan builds on the goals of the Crystal City Sector Plan, approved by Arlington County in 2010, and capitalizes on new investment and interest in the area to shape a vision for the future and create an action plan for how to best support the transformation. 

A Strategic Vision 

National Landing is a leading mixed-use urban center with new street-level activity and amenities, enhanced community assets, next-generation mobility, and human-scaled design, realizing plans for sustainable growth, a diverse economy, and an inclusive community. As the downtown is set to experience momentous change, the vision is focused on ensuring the next chapter for the area unlocks latent potential and creates a more contemporary identity and strengthened economy, while preserving the aspects the community values most.

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Strategic Plan Values 

The strategic plan is informed by a set of values which emerged through the strategic plan process that serve as the underpinnings of the plan's concepts and strategies. Stakeholders envision a downtown that

  • is sustainable and inclusive;
  • values innovation and supports entrepreneurship;
  • promotes diversity and builds community; and
  • upholds a commitment to high-quality design and an openness to partnership and collaboration. 

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The plan is focused around six core themes:

  • Build identity
  • Improve place
  • Foster cultural vibrancy
  • Increase connectivity
  • Grow economy
  • Enhance livabilty, equity, and sustainability 

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The Process

The Strategic Plan was developed through a robust participatory process that engaged a wide range of stakeholders including BID board members, elected officials, County staff, property owners, business and community leaders, area residents, local employees, and the general public. A steering committee consisting of 35 members provided broad guidance on the effort, while five industry-specific working groups of 10-12 stakeholders focused on targeted topics: Retail & Restaurant, Hospitality, Office, Residential, and Culture & Entertainment.

Civic association leadership provided resident representation at the steering committee level and on several working groups. Additional opportunities for the public to offer feedback were provided via an online forum and in-person pop-up stations deployed on street corners and in building lobbies throughout the engagement process. In December 2018, the process culminated in two community-wide open house events where the Crystal City BID presented the draft Strategic Plan Framework. The strategic plan document incorporates input received at the open houses and prior engagement efforts.

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