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Rainbow crosswalks brighten National Landing

Celebrating Pride in National Landing

In a vibrant display of support and celebration for Pride Month, two striking rainbow murals have recently graced the streets of Crystal City. Located at pivotal intersections along S. Fern Street and S. Eads Street, these installations represent a significant milestone as the first of their kind in Arlington, symbolizing solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Community Collaboration and Support

County board Vice-Chair Takis Karantonis underscored the importance of these murals not only as visual symbols of support but also as reflections of societal advancement. Tracy Sayegh Gabriel, president and executive director of the National Landing BID, highlighted the collaborative effort that brought these murals to fruition, involving local leaders and advocacy groups such as Freddie's Beach Bar & Restaurant owner Freddie Lutz and Equality Arlington.

Enhancing our Neighborhood

These murals, crafted with meticulous attention to detail using vinyl applique for durability and minimal disruption, have significantly enriched the streetscape of Crystal City. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they foster a sense of community pride and inclusivity, transforming National Landing into a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood. Their presence encourages dialogue, celebration, and reflection, making them integral to the cultural fabric of our community.