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All aboard! Celebrating National Landing's rail connectivity

By Luke Fichter

Every year, National Train Day chugs into the hearts of rail enthusiasts and daily commuters alike, spotlighting the benefits of rail travel and the significant role it plays in our communities. This year, we're taking a closer look at National Landing's rail network. National Landing boasts an impressive array of options, including three Metrorail stations, Virginia Railway Express (VRE) access, and planned stops along MARC (Maryland Area Regional Commuter) and Amtrak.


National Landing’s strategic location is served by both the Yellow and Blue lines of the Metro, offering seamless and efficient travel to downtown Washington, D.C., and beyond. The neighborhood’s Metro accessibility is unparalleled with multiple stations, including Pentagon, Pentagon City, Crystal City, and Potomac Yard. Whether you're commuting to work, heading to a museum, or attending a National Landing event, these Metro lines connect residents and visitors to the wider D.C. metropolitan area.

Virginia Railway Express

For those looking beyond the immediate horizon, the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) provides a unique service. Operating from the Crystal City station, VRE is the choice for many commuters looking to bypass the hustle of traffic and enjoy a peaceful ride to and from Northern Virginia. The VRE’s connection to Union Station is not just a transit link—it’s a bridge to numerous national destinations via Amtrak, making it a vital node in the National Landing transportation network.

MARC and Amtrak expansion

The excitement around National Landing's transportation future is buzzing, particularly with the plans to pilot an extension of the MARC (Maryland Area Regional Commuter) and Amtrak service to Crystal City. This development promises to fortify connections by linking Baltimore and the greater Maryland suburbs directly to National Landing. For commuters, this means more options and less hassle; for the local economy, it means growth and increased integration with the broader Mid-Atlantic region.

What makes National Landing stand out is not just its current amenities but its forward-thinking approach to urban planning and mobility. The ongoing developments in transportation infrastructure reflect a commitment to sustainability, convenience, and community connectivity. This National Train Day, why not explore all that National Landing has to offer? Take a ride on the Metro, hop on the VRE for a scenic trip, or simply enjoy the anticipation of new rails being laid for the future services.