The Market Basket

1669 Crystal Square Arcade
Arlington, VA 22202



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The original Market Basket is located in the Crystal City Underground and has been in operation for more than twenty years.  Since its inception, The Market Basket has offered fully prepared, fresh, healthy, hot and cold self-service selections for breakfast, lunch and home meal replacements.  The Market Basket also provides catering services to individuals and local businesses.  Additionally, our operation has grown to include a grocery section and a variety of beverage options.

In mid-July 2009, The Market Basket opened its second location at the Pentagon.  The Market Basket Pentagon has been a phenomenal success.  Not only does the Pentagon location offer similar menu offerings and services, the addition of the grilling station has made it possible to add menu choices that have been well received by our patrons.  We believe that by offering a flexible menu that changes daily, The Market Basket’s patrons are offered a tremendous variety and value.  This has translated into an operation that has garnered a following of steady customers who have come to rely on our quality and service.

The patrons of our current operations include government and private sector employees and private individuals who come to visit the metropolitan Washington, DC area.  We always strive to be responsive to our patrons and keep their interests and desires at the forefront when making menu decisions.

The Market Basket is widely recognized in the area for its consistent quality, variety, and nutritional value.  Notwithstanding its ability to maintain high-quality food service, The Market Basket also offers outstanding value for the dollar to its patrons. We are committed to excellence in all that we do and the services we provide.  We welcome you to our team and trust that you too will see why we are so excited.